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When should a Transport Assessment be commissioned?

Transport assessments are a thorough investigation or review of the impact that transport will have as a result of a development. For the official view, we would need to reference the National Planning Policy Framework that states that all developments that generate significant amounts of transport movement should be supported by a transport assessment. In cases where the transport impact is expected to be less, then a transport statement might be commissioned instead. It is often the Local Authority that will make the judgement as to the level of assessment required and they will do this on a case by case basis.

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Local Authority Objectives
All Local Authorities will look to support national planning policy. However, there will be a number of specific benefits that the local authority may be seeking in line with national policy as part of commissioning the transport assessment. These may include:

•    Encourage sustainable travel
•    Lessen traffic generation
•    Reduce carbon emissions
•    Create accessibility
•    Connect communities
•    Improve quality of life
•    Improvements to road safety
•    Reduce the need for new developments
•    Reduce the need to provide new roads

Transport Assessment Considerations
When deciding if a transport assessment (or transport statement) is required for a proposed development, then the following factors should be taken in to consideration:

•    Transport policies of local plan
•    The scale of the proposed development
•    Current intensity of transport
•    Existing availability/capacity of public transport
•    Closeness to environmentally sensitive areas
•    Possible effect on other strategic priorities
•    Impact of other developments in the area
•    Safety implications of development

With all these factors to think about and report upon it is no surprise that pre-application discussions should be started as early as possible. After all, any decision by the local authority on the scope and level of assessment required could influence the final design of the development.

If you would like to discuss your transport planning requirements for your development project, please contact Petros Price at Modal Group on 015398 86015 or or get in touch via the website by completing the form at Highways Consultants.